MarTech Roundup: GenZ Has Big Preference for Email, Connected TV Ads are Better Received, Accedo Funded

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Email is preferred by 85% of GenZ members for communicating with customer service reps, according to a study by SendGrid and as reported by MediaPost. A minority of those polled—just 41%–said they preferred live chat. A preference for social media came in at 36% while 48% of the Gen Zers said they plan to use email more over the next five years.

Advertising on TVs connected to the internet—known as Connected TV Devices—is better received by viewers than ads on regular non-connected TVs, according to a new study by Magna and IPG Media Lab. The study measured viewers’ unconscious responses to ads on both and found ads on connected TVs created higher retention rates. More positive emotions were also seen among viewers watching ads on connected TVs.

Media measurement and analytics company comScore and the global market research and a consulting firm Ipsos have announced the creation of a shared data platform for 27 cities in Mexico. The new platform will offer media companies and agencies a powerful new tool for measuring consumer’s consumption of both off-line and on-line communications.

The creative agency Social Snack has been named as “Lens Studio Partner” for Snapchat in all of Latin America by Internet Media Services (IMS) and Sony Pictures Television Networks. An announcement of Social Snack’s selection cited its expertise in creating augmented reality messaging on the Snapchat platform. “The certification is the result of the Partners Program launched by Snapchat that recognizes the leading companies in the industry that provide creative technology solutions to the advertisers of the platform,” the announcement noted.

Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speaker owners are hooked on the new technology, according to a study by Edison Research as reported by Search Engine Land.  According to Edison, 65% of the smart speaker owners say they can’t see themselves getting along without the new devices. The same report noted that voice commerce sales hit $1.8 billion in the US in 2018 and are predicted to grow to $40 billion by 2022.

Internet video company Accedo has announced an infusion of US $17 million in equity for the company’s future growth. “Accedo has built a leading position in a very dynamic and rapidly changing industry. The market trends are moving in the right directions and we expect to see continued rapid industry evolution over the coming years,” investor SEB Private Equity said in an announcement of the funding.

Salesforce is predicting a 50% increase in the use of data by media company marketing departments in 2019. The prediction is based on a survey of 4,100 marketing professionals across the globe, according to reporting by Media Post.