Latin American Trail Blazers Discussed What’s Next in Marketing at Portada Miami

At Portada Miami, we asked our premium attendees to tell us more about where they see marketing going now that technology is bringing the future to us. Henry Zamarripa and Vanessa Angulo, representatives of Portada’s partners Oath and People@, were two among our respondents.

Last Thursday, over 200 marketing executives got together at the East hotel in Brickell for the tenth consecutive edition of Portada Miami. Our attendees were able to hear forward-looking panels, witness the official launch of Portada’s Council System, and network with their peers while enjoying drop-dead views of the city.

In the midst of all the excitement, we had the opportunity to talk to Latin American brand leaders like José Camargo, E-Commerce Subdirector at Best Buy Mexico and member of Portada’s Brand Star Committee, who told us “This is a great opportunity to discuss concepts around the Hispanic markets. We need to find a balance between branding and performance, and I think marketing is moving towards the concept of experiences. Discussing these concepts at the Committee is very enriching because of the various industries represented there.”

Marketing is moving more towards the concept of experiences.


For Henry Zamarripa, Latin American Sales Director at Oath, one of Portada Miami’s premium partners, the future of marketing is all about digital. “Digital marketing is one of the industries that evolve more quickly,” he pointed out. “Programmatic has taken a fundamental role in media buying strategies, and I think we’ll be moving more and more towards AI. AI has evolved and matured, and we’ll adopt this technology with great strength.”

We’ll be moving more and more towards AI.



One of the key takeaways of Portada Miami was that we need to evolve to survive. “Marketing has changed a great deal in the last years. It used to be very static, but now with the advent of digital, marketing directors of the previous era need to study, get updated and ready,” commented Vanessa Angulo, co-founder of People@. “We need to be aware that if we don’t change, we are left behind. Sadly, many are already behind.”

If we don’t change, we are left behind.