Kohl’s, Walmart Online Strategies Paid Off as Holiday Season Approached

What: We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the US in November of this year and how they ranked and scored in number of visitors.
Why it matters: Total visits to the retail sites ranked by comScore increased by 68,000 over the prior month as the holiday shopping season kicked off in November. Retailer Kohl’s enjoyed a significant boost as it jumped to 6th place from 11th place in October, while Walmart saw a 1-percent increase in its share of all visits to the top 15 sites over the previous month.


Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the US, November 2018
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop 1,072,757
Site Total Unique Visitors
Amazon sites 20,1899*
Wal-Mart 13,1986
eBay 10,7208
Apple.com Worldwide sites 81,851
Target Corporation 73,750
Kohl’s Corporation 61,861
Best Buy sites 56,890
Samsung Group 52,247
ETSY.com 49,835
The Home Depot Inc. 47,743
Kohl’s Corporation 46,569
WISH.COM 45,310
Ticketmaster 42,124
Macy’s Inc. 39,712
LOWES.com 33,772

(Source: comScore)
*Visits shown in the thousands.

Key Insights

Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass’ strategy of delivering an omnichannel experience to shoppers, and especially millennials, looks like it paid off in visits to the retailer’s website in November. Kohl’s jumped from 11th place in the October comScore rankings to 6th place in November. Visits to the retailer’s site in the US totaled just over 61,000. Kohl’s traditional customer is over 50-years or older, but Gass’ goal is to attract more millennials both online and in stores, according to recent reporting by Forbes.

Meanwhile, Walmart’s aggressive online strategy appears to have paid off in November with a handsome 1 percent jump in its share of all visits to the top 15 sites for a total of 131,986 in November compared to 114,085 in October.

Overall visits to the top 15 ranked sites increased by nearly 70,000 over the previous month as the holiday shopping season kicked into high gear.

  • Amazon saw a slight dip in its share of overall visits to the topped 15 ranked sites, dropping from 20.9 percent in October to 18.8 percent in November.
  • Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Apple.com continued to occupy the top 4 slots in that order.
  • Best Buy also saw a surge in online visits as the holiday shopping season kicked in, increasing its ranking of 12th place in October to 7th place in November.
  • Macy’s, too, saw an increase of 11,412 visits in November compared to October.
  • eBay saw a dip in its share of all visits to the top 15 ranked sites, from nearly 12 percent in October to 9.9 percent in November.
  • Kohl’s showed the greatest jump in visits among the top 15 sites, with a total of 61,861, a 19,604 increase in visits over the month of October.
  • com’s share of all visits to the top 15 ranked sites remained steady in November at 7.6 percent compared to 7.7 percent the month before.