Horizon Media Launches Big, a New Outcome-Driven Consultancy for Start-Ups

What: Horizon Media has launched Big, a new consultancy designed to provide big resources to service start-ups, e-commerce, and emerging brands.
Why it matters: Horizon understands that start-ups, e-commerce, and emerging brands need partners who are completely vested in their mutual success.


Horizon Media has announced that it has launched Big, a new agency designed to provide big resources to start-ups, e-commerce, and emerging brands. Big will be led by Gene Turner, EVP Chief of Horizon Next, who will now oversee both Horizon Next and Big.Big’s mission is to deliver business outcomes for its clients, which is why it has developed a compensation model based one-hundred percent on driving improved business outcomes. With this simple but ambitious mission, Big aims to position itself as a true business partner for its clients. In launching Big, Horizon understood that only a committed partner could bring an integrated strategy, big thinking, and access to vast resources and marketing technologies that are essential for these ambitious companies to achieve their full growth potential.“With fast, seamless integration, Big is firmly positioned to drive business outcomes over the long term through the optimal balance of data-driven efficiency, and insight-driven content, to create compelling, relevant and rewarding brand stories that drive consumer action and deliver business outcomes,” said Gene Turner, EVP Chief of Horizon Next.

According to the press release, Big’s core offering will be holistic data management and customized access to brand strategy, consumer insights, trend analysis, social listening, customer journey mapping, channel planning, strategic media investment across all channels, SEO consulting, programmatic buying, content marketing, brand health, path to conversion analysis, reporting and analytics.

“We believe that our compensation model, one based entirely upon delivering improved business outcomes, represents a true commitment to business partnership and the success of our clients,” said Vincent O’Toole, Horizon EVP Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. “It is also a clear signal of the confidence we have in Big’s ability to disrupt the industry and the value it will generate for our clients.”

In 2015, Horizon launched a new media agency, Canvas Worldwide, in a joint venture with INNOCEAN Worldwide. Canvas was launched to service the Hyundai and KIA businesses, but it has added new clients such as Heineken USA, Breville, Annapurna Pictures and Wingstop Restaurants. In 2016, Horizon turned its direct marketing division into a standalone entity, Horizon Next. The launch of Big continues Horizon’s expansion into new markets.