Honda Has Launched a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

What: Honda partnered with to create an AI-powered sales assistant on Facebook messenger.
Why it matters: Honda’s move will surely pave the way for brands in this and other industries to create bots that emulate a human experience.

Honda now has an AI-powered assistant on Facebook messenger. The bot aims to emulate a conversation with a human automotive expert, and it guides consumers through their shopping experience.

Honda and its agency, RPA, partnered with to build the smart sales assistant. Consumers can ask the virtual representative any questions about products, pricing, payments, and offers, as well as view multimedia content and find the nearest dealer.

“Honda’s development objective was to see if a chat interaction on social would serve as a better converter to qualified shopping actions versus sending in-market shoppers from Facebook placements to the mobile site,” told Jessica Fini, social media manager at American Honda, to Marketing Daily. “Our theory is that targeted shoppers on social may be more likely to engage with the brand via a conversation within Messenger vs. clicking through to the website.”

According to Fini, the goal is to improve advertising conversion rates and guide shoppers more quickly through the shopping process. “Honda aims to drive qualified shopping via the custom web views that live within the bot itself, as well as measuring those who click out to build and price,” she said.

The goal is to improve advertising conversion rates, guide shoppers more quickly and painlessly through the shopping process and secure more qualified sales leads. has built similar solutions for Kia Motors America, Kia Motors Mexico and others.