Havas Group AdCity Launches New Cross-Device mOOHbile ‎

What: Through Havas Group pure player AdCity, the marketing company launched its mOOHbile offer, for facing the challenges of geolocation.
Why it matters: This new audience planning solution capitalizes on synergies between mobile devices and out-of-home media displays.

In an effort to combine out-of-home (OOH) media displays with mobile media, AdCity, a Havas Group pure player, presented its new audience planning solution its mOOHbile, allowing advertisers to optimize the efficiency of their OOH geolocalized campaigns.

“Tackling the mobility universe in silos doesn’t make any sense these days, as all studies show the efficiency of combining both outdoor display and mobile media. Today, a consumer in contact with an OOH advertisement is 17% more likely to activate the mobile advertisements (s)he sees and engages with the brand; and over 70% will do additional research on this same brand,” said Matthieu Habra, AdCity’s Head of Global Network, in a statement.

The mOOHbile offer meets 3 objectives:
•    Maximizing the campaigns’ reach through audience extension and segmentation
•    Optimizing the overall frequency of messaging (retargeting and synchronization)
•    Contextualizing content through DCO (dynamic creative optimization), context and data streams

mOOHbile will be implemented using proprietary technology platform AdCity Solution.