Call for Entries! Nominate to #PortadaLat Awards

Nominate to Top Digital Innovator, Best Use of Data in a Marketing Campaign, Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional and Top Marketer to Latin American Audiences! Winners to be announced in PortadaLat in Miami on June 7-8. Nominate your favorite candidates!


Top Digital Innovator

Candidates are companies, including start-ups, belonging to the marketin-tech space in Latin America and the U.S. including:
Innovative SSPs, DSPs, DMPs, Ad-Exchanges
Online Video content/advertising providers
Mobile Media Technologies including App-Providers
The nominee should have significantly contributed to the overall quality and innovation of digital media solutions from a trade and/or the end-consumer.

Best Use of Data in a Marketing Campaign

Nominations are accepted for brands and agencies that have made a comprehensive use of marketing analytics, both from a small and big data perspective, in defining and reaching their target audience in a campaign targetin audiences in the U.S. and/or Latin America audiences over the last 12 months. Please provide brand/agency information as well as a description of how the use of modern marketing analytics techniques impacted the campaign results in a positive way.

Top Panregional Marketing and Media Professional

Nominations are accepted for advertising, marketing and media professionals that have made an outstanding contribution to the expansion of media and advertising targeting Latin American audiences. Award candidates should contribute to the growth of the Latin American-panregional advertising and media sector (as opposed to a more national-local approach).

Top Marketer to Latin American Audiences

Nominations are accepted for individual executives who work as client side marketers, including brand marketers that have distinguished themselves because of their high effectiveness and originality in connecting with and engaging the Latin American consumer over the last 12 months.

Top Panregional Advertising Campaign

Nominations are accepted for advertising agencies and clients (Corporations) that have created, planned and executed Advertising Campaigns in at least two Latin American countries in any media vehicle during the last twelve months. The campaign achieved high ROI for advertisers. In addition, the campaign is distinguished by a high degree of creativity as well as consumer friendliness.