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BrandTotal Launches New Social Advertising Solution for Agencies

At Advertising Week New York, BrandTotal launched new offering for agencies that provides an inside look into competitors’ social advertising.


At Advertising Week New York, BrandTotal launched new offering for agencies that provides an inside look into competitors’ social advertising.

BrandTotal, the leading social competitive intelligence and brand analytics platform, today announced BrandTotal for Agencies at Advertising Week New York. BrandTotal for Agencies is a new offering that delivers real-time, granular visibility into the social advertising strategies of a brand’s competitors, helping agencies win new business, better serve clients and become more strategic.

Social Advertising
Alon Leibovich, CEO & Co-Founder, BrandTotal.

“Agencies are constantly under pressure to drive campaign performance for their brands,” said Alon Leibovich, CEO & Co-Founder, BrandTotal. “Unfortunately, social media intelligence has always been a black box, with limited access to competitive advertising strategies and metrics. With BrandTotal, that completely changes. We give agencies a 360-degree granular view of their clients’ competitive category data to more effectively measure social ad performance. This helps you easily pivot your creative and media strategy to ensure agency clients beat the competition.”

Using artificial intelligence, BrandTotal’s platform identifies, aggregates and analyzes marketing campaigns across the social media ecosystem, helping agencies see their clients’ competitive landscape farther and more clearly. It provides deep actionable insights on consumer advertising sentiment, consumer engagement with competitive ads, competitive media spend, creative and design tactics, dark versus public ad metrics, organic and sponsored data, social share-of-voice (SOV), share of topic, video versus non-video, social media mix, audiences, and more.

Key benefits of BrandTotal for Agencies include:

More Value Creation

See all of your clients’ competition’s social ads, paired with real-time consumer responses and sentiment. Understand what other brands are doing, so you can win more business as well as help your own clients punch above their weight, pivot strategy, or revamp their approach. Create insight-driven creatives for maximal performance that help transition your agency to performance-based invoicing and gain customer loyalty.

Maximum Coverage

BrandTotal covers all major social media platforms resulting in the broadest coverage of social share of voice and social advertising competitive intelligence data than any other solution in the industry.

Comprehensive Visibility

BrandTotal delivers deep insight into client competitors’ dark versus public social advertising, showing the entire number and percentage of organic, paid, and dark social ads each brand is running paired with consumer responses to those ads. You can also use contextual intelligence layers and correlate filters such as consumer sentiment and engagement by dark ads, public ads, or all ads — and much more.

Unparalleled Data Granularity

BrandTotal provides a 360-degree granular view of your clients’ competitive data at the category, brand and sub-brand, product, and even the campaign and ad level, so you can get the deepest and most accurate data to make the best decisions for each strategic initiative, or line of business, or client organization.

Flexible Offerings

Get standard syndicated categories out of the box, so you can see all of your prospects’ and customers’ rival brands within each category, and their performance data. See across any category, including ads, consumer sentiment, and media spend. For agencies that want a deeper dive into advertising insights, consider our customizable option, which enables you to deep dive into unparalleled granular insights with surgical precision – see the campaign, LOB or product-level data.

BrandTotal for Agencies helps agencies better serve existing clients, measuring their social ad performance benchmarked against their category competitors. This enables them to be proactive and relevant with actionable, data-driven competitive advertising insights. Agencies can also use BrandTotal for Agencies to win new business by minimizing the guesswork during pitches. Agencies can build new client services and optimize revenue opportunities with BrandTotal’s solution.

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