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Bilingual/Bicultural Hispanics and their Streaming Revolution

55% of today's market is either a 1.5 or a 2.0 generation immigrant. We lovingly refer to them as the Bilingual/Bicultural Hispanics


Today’s Hispanic market is not the market of the 70s and 80s. While it remains primarily of Mexican ancestry (62%), it’s growing in diversity every day. Additionally, most of the market is U.S. born (67%), a fact that’s overlooked by many. And if you dig a little further, 55% of the market is either a 1.5 or a 2.0 generation immigrant. We lovingly refer to them as the Bilingual/Bicultural Hispanics.

By Maria Twena, Chief Marketing Officer at AdsMovil

The 1.5 immigrant came to the U.S. at the age of 10 or younger, and the 2.0 is born here with at least one immigrant parent. Because the 1.5 is technically a first-generation immigrant, the data misrepresents the market repeatedly, making many believe that the market remains a Spanish-dominant only constituency.

In fact, today, the Spanish Dominant sector (the first generation) represents 28% of the market; the Bilingual/Bicultural cohort (the 1.5/2.0 generations) embodies 55% of the market; and the English Dominant (3.0+ generation) accounts for 17% of the market.

Why does this matter? 

Maria Twena Chief Marketing Officer at AdsMovil.

The growth of the Bilingual/Bicultural is astounding and will continue. They are important to marketers not just because of their size (34 million+), but because they tend to be influencers for their Spanish preferred relatives and friends– a role they assume at an early age and one which continues as they mature. They translate the language, decode the U.S. ethos of individualism, which is very distinct from Latin collectivism, inform brand and product purchases, and demystify services and technologies.  Furthermore, as they mature, their sphere of influence eventually becomes culturally agnostic.

And yet, original content for this cohort has been absent or a ‘hit and miss’ often.  And it’s this community that MOST needs content that’s culturally and linguistically relevant, and available to them at an early age. For years there’s been content available for the Spanish Dominant and the English Dominant, which is very important, but the Bilingual/Bicultural have needed content that authentically connects with them and represents them – empowering them to embrace their hybridity and accept their duality (ni de aquíni de allá) – for a long time.

This group was an early web adopter, back in the day, interested in reading content, creating content, and connecting with others that were like them, because they weren’t seeing themselves in traditional media. And we’re seeing this same phenomenon with streaming services. According to Collage Group, Bicultural Hispanic consumers lead the marketplace in number of streaming platforms enjoyed, averaging 5.4. streaming platforms for movies and shows. This is greater than the other groups within the Hispanic market (unacculturated: 4.0; and, acculturated: 4.8).  Additionally, it’s higher than all other groups, including Black (4.7), Asian (4.1), or White (3.9).

Nuestra.TV was created to better serve the holistic Hispanic market across acculturation levels, linguistic proficiency, device proclivity, and cultural origins. Our bilingual footprint facilitates code switching and communal viewing. And most importantly, we have bilingual/bicultural content created for our bilingual viewers by bilingual content creators.

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Source: Collage Group Media Survey, August 2021 (18-75 population, unweighted)

Written by: Maria Twena, Chief Marketing Officer at AdsMovil

*Cover image by pch.vector on Freepik

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