Alberto Lorente, VP Multicultural, Sprint: ‘We Are Planning A 360 Campaign for Plan Conectados’

alberto lorenteSprint recently announced that it is teaming up with Telefonica owned Movistar Mexico & El Salvador,to become the first U.S. provider allowing customers to pay for a loved one’s wireless plan in Mexico and El Salvador. Portada talked to Alberto Lorente, Vice President Multicultural at Sprint, about how Sprint intends to market this new service.

Portada: Will Plan Conectados include a marketing campaign? If so, what is your plan in terms of strategy, media used as well as below the line?

Alberto Lorente, VP, Multicultural Marketing, Sprint:  “Yes, we are planning a 360 campaign in the US involving TV, Radio, Online, Social, Direct Email and SMS as well as Search. There will also be an important campaign launched by Telefonica Movistar in México and El Salvador to raise awareness for this new innovative service. It is a multinational advertising campaign involving the three countries at the same time.”

Portada: How are you specifically targeting consumers that have family in Mexico and El Salvador?
Alberto Lorente, VP, Multicultural Marketing, Sprint:“This is very easy because 65% of Mexican adults living in the US sent money and services to their relatives in México in 2016. For El Salvador numbers range around 50%.  This means that we can launch a very wide campaign and our customers will be very receptive to this new service.”

Portada: How does Plan Conectados integrate into Sprint’s overall Hispanic marketing?

Alberto Lorente, VP, Multicultural Marketing, Sprint: “It integrates seamlessly since it is complementary to the products and services that we are already offering, like Sprint Unlimited Roaming from México (Both voice and data) and the national unlimited plans available. With Plan Conectados Sprint customers will be able to empower their family members leaving abroad, by enabling tham to use unlimited services in México and El Salvador.”

Are you also adopting an influencer marketing strategy to promote Conectados?
A. L.: “Yes, we will involve Prince Royce and a few other well liked celebrities to help spread the word, however, this time we want the consumer and their families to be the drivers of the word of mouth. Keep in mind that this is a unique product that no one has ever launched before and I am convinced customers will recognize this.”

Portada: Is Sprint’s inhouse agency , Yellow Fan Studios, also helping in this Hispanic market foray?
A. L.: “Yellow Fan Studios is a close partner for Hispanic marketing in Sprint. We work closely on strategy and positioning so we can align campaigns and offer an integrated message across all channels and segments. In order to tailor our message for the Hispanic community we use Alma as our main partner.”