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“Mexico’s LGBT travelers account for USD$9.2 billion of that total”

American Airlines will  sponsor  the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travel business conference and consumer expo even in Guadalajara, Mexico. The event will take place from September 5 – 7.

American Airlines is sponsoring the event for the secont time. This is the 3rd International LGBT Business Expo and also counts with the support of American Express, IBM, Out & Equal, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tourism Thailand, Guadalajara OVC, Jalisco Secretariat of Tourism, Mexico Tourism Board and Out Now Global.

LGBT Confex is a regional event focused on connecting business with LGBT consumers.

George Carrancho, Manager of Diverse Segment Marketing for American Airlines will lead a  workshop on the continuing growth of global LGBT tourism. He will describe American Airlines long history and commitment to global diversity, and its record serving the LGBT marketplace.

“American Airlines is committed to meeting the needs of all our customers,” Carrancho says. “We are proud to be recognized as the only airline, and only a handful of corporations that have earned a perfect 100% score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index every year. Our commitment to equality and fairness is second to none when serving our customers too, and we are delighted to again support LGBT Confex and the International LGBT Business Expo.”

Ruben Sandoval, CEO of LGBT Confex, said he is looking forward to working with American Airlines to build on their already successful partnership.

“We work very hard with all our sponsors and partners to help them better understand and meet the needs of LGBT people as customers and as employees,” Sandoval says. “American Airlines is an ideal fit with our organization’s ethos as they so clearly share a commitment to connecting with LGBT people in ways that support the community and helps their business. It is a win-win that LGBT Confex is delighted to be able to facilitate.”


The latest market data from the world’s largest LGBT market research program – the ’Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study’ reveal that the global LGBT  air travel market is a big business. The research shows that the top 17 global markets will account for a total of USD$181 billion in LGBT tourism spend during 2013. Mexico’s LGBT travelers account for USD$9.2 billion of that total.

The LGBT2020 study also shows that a significant number of the most popular destinations for LGBT travel are in the Latin America region – including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Mexico City, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta all figuring strongly in LGBT people’s travel plans for 2013.


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