Latin Interactive World: Video Ad Market: “In Brazil pre-roll is the king”, C. Masetti, DynAdmic.

DynAdmic is a Private marketplace for online video advertising that uses audio recognition technology to support the programmatic video buying. “With this technology we help marketers reach their exact audience based on what they are watching”, says Camila Masetti, international marketing director of DynAdmic. DynAdmic recently set up an office in New York City, thereby entering the U.S. market. In addition, it currently  is expanding into Latin America with an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which handles opperations in Brazil and Mexico. They are also planning to expand into Chile, Peru and Colombia. In Brazil and Mexico their main clients are: L’Oréal, Red Bull, Pepsico, Chevrolet, Fox, Warner Bros, among others.

camila.masettiCamila Masetti (photo), explains that the audio technology was developed in house: “It makes use of concepts such as signal processing and machine learning to detect ambiences (gunshots, music, screams, etc.), transcribe speech-to-text, understand semantics, identify keywords and ultimately categorize the videos. The technology is in constant evolution. Today, it can identify 15 languages and understand 8 of them, including Portuguese and Spanish. We scan inventory from all the main ad-exchanges (YouTube, Adapt Tv, Dailymotion, SpotX, Liverail, etc)”.

Major clients

DynAdmic works in Latin America with L’Oréal, Red Bull, Pepsico, Chevrolet, Accor Group, C&A, Fox, Warner Bros, Camisaria Colombo, Cloralex, Yázigi and Microlins. “Around the world we got almost every car brand: Peugeot, Citröen, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Seat. We also got other major brands like Adidas, Axa, Beats, Diageo, Disney, Garnier, IKEA, Kellogg’s, Lego, Lindt, Nintendo, Nivea, Orange, Pringles, Pyrex, Samsonite, Total, just to name a few”, says Masetti.

LatAm expansion

digital.latino1-285x188DynAdmic has opperations in the Brazilian and Mexican market in the Latin American region at the moment, and they are planning to expand their activities in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Masetti tell us that Dynadmic has three pillars for its expansion:

  • “The first pillar are our clients. We build strong partnerships with key brands and their agencies across regions. We are constantly gathering their feedback to develop products to fit their market, create more effective integrated cross-device campaigns and at the end improve results.
  • Second is the Market. We invest a lot in education in the form of events, agencies workshops and university  courses. We want to help the actual and future generation to  be more aware of what is programmatic the good and the bad.
  • Third is publishers and ad networks. We are constantly developing and updating our partnerships with local publishers and ad networks to increase the quality and volume of our sources and reinforce our position as as  premium video inventory provider.”

Portada: Why do you think now is the right moment for the expansion in the region?

Camila Masetti:
 “Latam is a huge market for online video advertising. It is the second fastest growing market for Youtube in revenue and it has one of the best video consumption and engagement rates around the globe.

Even though the potential and growth rates are enormous, the Latam is a very young market in terms of knowledge in the digital advertising landscape. Most advertisers still fear programmatic and are waiting for someone to lead first. We decided to be a pioneer in the region, knowing it would give us more work but that we could establish real partnership relations with our clients. We work side-by-side with them to educate the market, bring the best practices we have seen abroad and provide them with anything they might need to help in this conversion”.

Portada: Which Latin American countries are the stronger ones in the video advertising market?

Camila Masetti: “The first country is  Brazil. Alone, Brazil has more audience than all other Latam countries united. Second place would go to Mexico. And if we look only at South America then Colombia would be second. It is interesting to notice that this top three countries are also the top three in population size”.

Pre- roll is the king

videoidMasetti assures that ” In Brazil as in any other country we work in, the king of video ad types is definitely the pre-roll”. “The best working formats independent of the regions, are those with more volume. The bigger the volume, the more options we have so we can extract better inventory at a lower cost”, she adds.

Regarding expectations for the Latin video market, Masetti tell us that “eMarketer predicted a 80% growth in programmatic for 2014 and 60% in the two following years. Video and mobile are the two fastest growing segments in programmatic with respectively 65% and 109% globally and it will definitely have an impact on the Latin America video advertising landscape”.

A piece of advice

Portada: If you have to give an advice to video advertisers in Latin America, What would it be?

Camila Masetti: “First and foremost: “invest in the education of your teams (media buyers and creatives)”. You cannot make the best decisions if you are not aware of all your options. Media buying is as responsible for your campaign results as the creatives. No need to say that new media buying technologies also generate awesome creative ideas to grab your viewer’s attention.
Second liquid-gold advice would be: “do not be afraid of this “new” market”. In Latam we have the benefit of having the U.S. and Europe test first. Marketers here should be glad to know what pitfalls not to fall into and feel confident of implementing good practices that already have been proven in other markets.”

More  advice:

  • “Do not focus on only few portals, diversify your publishers to diversify your audience. Today, programmatic is the best way to run across device campaigns on various publishing platforms, compared to only one platform.
  • Stop thinking in terms of 1st and second screens because your audience is everywhere. Especially when in most countries TV is no longer the first screen.
  • Creating specific content for each device and video format pays off.
  • Contextualize your targeting efforts  to enhance user experience and increase campaign results.
  • Always dedicate a portion of your budget to test and try new platforms and technologies. This is the only way to find what best suits your strategy and to keep innovating.”