Breaking Ads México: SafetyPay, EA Sports and Volkswagen ::: Premium Content:::

Breaking Ads Mexico, presented by Portada and Media Economics Group, today analyzes a selection of Mexican digital campaigns active in the second fortnight of September. The advertising campaigns were tracked through Media Economics Group´s MexicoWebMonitor™. Below are digital campaigns from SafetyPay, EA Sports and Vokswagen.

Safety Pay

Advertiser: SaftPay Inc. (dba SafetyPay)

Campaign: “”

Language: Spanish

Description: SafetyPay is a real-time payment solution that enables customers to make online purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their local bank account in their local currency.

Sites:,,, (Mexico), (from Mexico),,,

Servers: (MediaMInd),,

EA Sports


Advertiser: Electronics Arts, Inc.

Campaign: “FIFA 14”

Language: Spanish

Description: EA Sports FIFA 14 video game. Release Date September 14.

Sites:,, (from Mexico), (Mexico), (Mexico)

Servers: (Smart AdServer),, (DoubleClick)





Advertiser: Volkswagen SA

Campaign: “Haz Huella Con Vocho” Promocion

Language: Spanish

Description: Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the VW Beetle (“Vocho”) in Mexico, “Haz Huella con Vocho” promotion/event where VW owners will be selected to form outline of the VW logo with their cars.



Source: Media Economics Group, MexicoWebMonitor™. For more information please call: 1 (704) 841-2030.