Yahoo! Inc. announced that it has launched sites in four new markets in Latin America. The new sites consist of Yahoo! Chile (, Yahoo! Peru (, Yahoo! Colombia ( and Yahoo! Venezuela ( and will include Yahoo! Home Pages, Search, Mail, Messenger, Answers, and Toolbar among other popular Yahoo! content and products.

Jose Rivera Font Jose, VP and general manager for Yahoo! Hispanic Americas, tells Portada that “Our business offers areas editorialized by both technology and people. The combination of both gives Yahoo! the ability to offer locally relevant products and services in each country where it may roll out.”

Rivera Font added that he sees a lot of growth in search advertising, banner advertising, rich media and mobile advertising. The area that Yahoo! Hispanic Americas covers has over 40 million users.

Rivera Font adds that Yahoo! advertisers “have the ability to participate in Right Media exchange, Panama Search Marketing platform and will work with resellers in the region.”

The Yahoo! Hispanic Americas encompasses seven sites in the region including Yahoo! Mexico, Yahoo! Argentina, Yahoo! Telemundo (targeted to the U.S. Hispanic community), Yahoo! Chile, Yahoo! Peru, Yahoo! Colombia and Yahoo! Venezuela.


Portada Staff

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