Join Us at the Marketing in Multicultural America Summit, NYC, March 5 Enters Brazilian Market

The e-commerce company positions itself as a differentiated shopping channel offering traditional product categories along with less-marketed items on the Web, such as 'retro' sound equipment and evangelical fashion, plus ease of delivery, the result of internal logistics investments


Lojao da 25 is a Web-based shopping channel built to run e-commerce in Brazil, and, in the future, in Latin America, using leading-edge technology and differentiated processes for managing purchases, logistics, marketing and sales. Its portfolio of products includes major brands in the widest variety of categories to satisfy the range of customer preferences as far as variety, quality, cost-benefit, and ease and comfort in making and receiving purchases. The name Lojao da 25 conveys to the customer the idea of variety at a good price, and without leaving home. The founders even saw the market initially making the analogy with the famous downtown Sao Paulo business district, but addressed the potential "barrier" by using it as an opportunity to bet on every benefit the site has to offer consumers.

Integrated services, internal logistics and continuous traffic growth

With all departments located in one place – executive administration, commerce, finance, marketing, communications and logistics – Lojao da 25 hopes to win out in synergy, ease of understanding and delivery of merchandise. A lean team, hence, multidisciplinary, manages stock, storage, arrival and departure of products, and oversees the merchandise distribution handled by TGA Logistica (, the exclusive logistics operator of the virtual store that set up a 2,000 square meter warehouse with 9 meters of headroom and 1,500 pallet capacity at the operation's facility. This arrangement makes it possible for products sold on the site to be delivered the same day or within 24 hours in the greater Sao Paulo area.  

An average 25 thousand unique visitors that has been growing by up to 42% a month, even before the site's launch in the media, can be considered pretty significant. Using a product mix strategy focused on categories, until then ignored by the major players, the virtual store is now selling throughout nearly the entire country, mostly among women in the B and C class, a majority of them from the Southeastern region. The company intends to create a democratic relationship that recognizes diversity. It is the client who determines how the best product mix will be created and offered.  

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