Why Nescafé Chose Mexico as the First Country to Move to the Tumblr Platform


Nescafé, one of the biggest Nestle’s brands, chose Mexico as the first country to migrate its stand-alone websites to the Tumblr platform. We spoke to Leonardo Aizpuru, Group Marketing Manager of Nestle in Mexico City about the rationale for Nestle to initiate the migration in the Mexican market. Aizpuru also told us about how the migration is going to impact his marketing plans.

Nescafé has chosen Mexico as the first country, together with the UK, to move its websites to the Tumblr platform. The move is part of a recently announced decision of one of the biggest Nestle’s brands, to migrate its global and local websites into the Yahoo owned Tumblr platform. We spoke to Leonardo Aizpuru, Group Marketing Manager of Nestle in Mexico City about the rationale for Nestle to initiate the migration in the Mexican market.  According to Aizpuru, “Mexicos is Nescafe’s largest market both online and off-line. Since Mexico has a very high social media penetration, the decision was only natural.”
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imagesAizpuru notes that the migration process has taken more than a year of working together with Nestle’s global team, doing tests and development to achieve the final version. “This will definitely change the way we direct traffic to the site, both paid and organically. Before, our website was only a part of what we were doing. Now it will become the protagonist and will concentrate all of our stories.”

Nescafe’s Media Mix

Asked about Nescafe’s Mexico’s media mix, Aizpuru notes that more than 20% of the brands media investment goes to digital media. “We continue to try new platforms in order to help us generate new conversations. Social Advertising, particularly with Facebook with whom we have a global deal is quite advanced. Facebook is also a key partner for the development of our media campaigns.”
(Mindshare is Nescafe’s Mexico’s Media agency.)

Sources at Tumblr also told Portada hbw Tumblrs leverages its Yahoo ownership (although this is not something Nescafe is currently planning to do):  “Tumblr Sponsored Posts can leverage paid syndication to premium placements across the Yahoo network, bringing together the amazing creative on Tumblr with the amplified reach and distribution of Yahoo,” they say.

First International Brand to move to Tumblr entirely

Nescafé becomes the first global brand to move all its international and local websites to the Tumblr platform.The Tumblr spokesperson adds that “they have seen brands  power their dot.coms with Tumblr, but Nescafé’s is s the first leading international brand to move its entire global and local websites to the Tumblr platform.” Ceri Morris / Senior Account Director at Ogilvy Public Relations, who does PR for  Nescafé in the U.S. notes that  “at the time there are no plans to invest in the platform beyond a drive to web strategy in GDN, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But as our presence on Tumblr strengthens we will definitively start exploring ways to create bigger synergies.”

By moving to Tumblr, Nescafe’s attempts to build stronger relationships with younger consumers, specially as coffee is in the top five conversational topics in Tumblr’s food category, as well as becoming  more mobile friendly. The Nescafé site will host landing pages for offline promotions and feature “buy” buttons, reviews and ratings. Nescafé will also benefit from the mobile friendly Tumblr design. Add to this the SEO benefits of Tumblr users being able to easily reblog owned Nescafé content – creating DoFollow links on the open web – and Nescafé could see a significant uplift in organic search.

“We’re actually moving everything to Tumblr but consumer data,” said Michael Chrisment, Nescafé’s head of global integrated marketing.”Tumblr is unique. It’s an agile, responsive, connected platform, the fastest growing social platform and a fantastic way to connect with younger people.”