When Geotargeting Works and When it Doesn’t

Do advertisers get enough impressions to do targeted online advertising campaigns trying to reach consumers in specific areas of the U.S.? Utility company PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) added online advertising to its media mix in 2006 through its Hispanic agency Headquarters Advertising. PG&E bought advertising in all major Hispanic portals including Yahoo en espanol, Terra, Starmedia, and Univision.com.

According to Headquarters Advertising’s Media Director, YoungSoo Cho, the campaign was successful. “However we think that these campaigns in Spanish-language portals are still a bit limited because advertisers often need more inventory.” PG&E was targeting just Northern California’s Hispanics and the amount of Hispanics in that part of the country may still be a bit limited. PG&E uses Northwestern Hispanic newspapers to strengthen its brand awareness. Headquarters expects to maintain a stable print buy in 2008.

Retailer Albertson’s recently undertook a geotargeted campaign around the “Quinceaneras” theme. Albertson's bought Spanish-language and English-language keywords on Google and display online advertising on different websites that Google partners with. The campaign was geo-targeted to internet users in the Southwestern U.S.  Albertson’s is planning to do a similar campaign in the future.

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