RockYou, a social application creator and publisher whose widget ad campaigns have appeared on MySpace, Facebook, and hi5 is teaming up with Silicon Valley-based ES Interactive to deliver ads for ESI's partners in the Caribbean and Latin America market. ESI is a content and application provider for mobile carriers and portals throughout Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South America.

ESI will be the exclusive marketing and selling arm for Rockyou applications in the Puerto Rican and Mexican markets. ESI will also be representing RockYou on a non-exclusive basis in the rest of LATAM.

So far, clients include Coors Brewing in Puerto Rico, and MSN/Prodigy Mexico.

Rebecca Albert, an ESI spokesperson, told Portada, “Since many of the USA consumer brands and advertising agency already cover Puerto Rico and Mexico, we will be using them as a back door to the USA Spanish speaking market.”

Some of ESI’s other partners include, Terra Networks, Digital Orchid and Mobilestream. Albert added that the widget campaigns will not be static, cookie-cutter treatments: “The campaigns are going to vary according the needs and requirements of the brand or client. They might be seasonal, centering on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day or they might be ongoing campaigns to establish a prolonged market presence.”


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