What: Warner Bros. acquires Eyeworks’ International TV Operations.
Why it matters: Following the agreement, Warner Bros. will be given a foothold in 13 new territories. Eyeworks USA unit will remain independent.

wbAfter a deal valued at more than US $273 million Warner Bros. has acquired Eyeworks’ International TV Operations, which operates local production outlets in 15 territories worldwide.

The Netherlands-based Eyeworks operates in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. Following the agreement, Warner Bros. will be given a foothold in 13 new territories thus covering all of Eyeworks international distribution activities.

Eyeworks USA unit will remain independent and will not be included in the purchase. Eyeworks Group CEO and co-founder Reinout Oerlemans will relocate to the US to become chairman of Eyeworks USA, After the buyout is complete.

Warner Bros. had previously made some moves to expand its overseas production operations, when in 2010 it bought UK’s Shed Media and BlazHoffski, in the Netherlands and Belgium, in 2011. However, Eyeworks’ acquisition is a sort of milestone for Warner Bros International Television Production division,which is led by executive vice president and head of Warner Bros. Ronald Goes.


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