Spanish publishing group Vocento, formerly Grupo Correo-Prensa Española, and publisher of the Madrid based daily ABC, is looking to invest in print media properties outside of Spain. It is in a strong position to do so after the recent sale of its 12% stake in Spanish TV network Tele 5 to the Italian media group Mediaset for 276 million euros.

Vocento is interested in acquiring the Portuguese newspapers Jornal de Noticias and Diario de la Mañana from Sapo, a Portuguese company which is owned by Portugal Telecom and Lusomundo. Vocento has expressed its interest to Sapo, but no formal negotiations have taken place.

If acquired, Jornal de Noticias and Diario de la Mañana would join Vocento's international group, which has a 33.3% stake in Cimeco. Cimeco was created in 1996 through a partnership between Argentinean groups Clarin and La>Nacion. Its mission is to build a network of regional newspapers in Argentina. Cimeco has majority stakes in La Voz del Interior (Córdoba) and Los Andes (Mendoza), two of Argentina's largest regional newspapers.


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