Cristiano Ronaldo has its own digital platarform “Viva Ronaldo”

What? Viva Ronaldo, the official online platform dedicated to the Portuguese soccer superstar, has been released by Viva superstars.
Why it matters? The platform will bring together Cristiano’s 100 million social media fans, providing them with a mix of entertainment, gaming and social following experience.

vivaronaldoThe joint-venture Viva Superstars, Polaris Sports, and Portuguese-Dutch startup bViva, has announced the release of the Viva Ronaldo full version, Cristiano Ronaldo’s official online platform available as a mobile app and on the web at

The digital platform will be available next July 24th and packed with exclusive content.It will be  available on the App Store for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)or  via web browser and mobile site at

Viva Ronaldo has been available in beta since May. On Viva Ronaldo, fans can follow all Cristiano’s live matches, supporting his in-game actions, and play trivia challenges, to collect points and rewards. They can also interact with Cristiano Ronaldo himself and follow his social activity,as well as  gaining access to prizes such as match tickets, autographed memorabilia or the chance to meet the player.

Viva Ronaldo’s full version will include new features such as: the ability to share videos and pictures supporting Cristiano; a 24/7 chat service; a gift store where fans can acquire virtual goods and send them to Ronaldo or to their friends; and the News Feed, where fans can follow all the action around Viva Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s activity on Twitter and Facebook. Besides all of the above mentioned features it allows fans to follow and interact with every match in which Cristiano Ronaldo is involved, both with Real Madrid and Portugal’s national team.

Ronaldo is an active participant on the community, where he usually leaves comments on posts or shares content with his fans. He is one of the most important  worldwide celebrities on social media, with more than 67 million fans of Facebook and over 23 million on Twitter.

“I am extremely happy with my involvement in this company, and I believe Viva Ronaldo is really a unique experience that we are able to provide to my fans all around the world”, says Cristiano Ronaldo.

Viva Ronaldo will be developed by Viva Superstars, a joint-venture between Cristiano Ronaldo, Polaris Sports, and bViva, focusing on the development of social media environment applications, targeted at celebrities, top athletes, television shows and major events.

“Viva Ronaldo original idea came to us while thinking about the next level of celebrity-fan interactions, integrating concepts such as gamification, second screen and mobile experience”, says Eduardo Dias, CEO of bViva. “I immediately thought of Cristiano as the perfect partner for this idea. Our product is a unique experience between fans and stars, there’s nothing like it on the market right now,” he added.

As upcoming developments include the release of the Android version of Viva Ronaldo, the platform may grow further.