The number of Internet subscribers in Venezuela soared 43.16 percent in Q2 1010 compared to Q2 2009, according to the state-run National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel). In its quarterly report, the Conatel said 2.4 million internet connections were registered in a population of almost 29 million.

A total of 9.7 million users were recorded, representing a penetration rate of 34 percent, using digital and analogue technologies. Despite the deep recession in which the country finds itself, the telecommunications sector grew by 6.5 percent in Q2 2010 in year-on-year.

Venezuelans have now 28,200,000 mobile lines, almost one per capita in a country with one third of the population connected to Internet.

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) reports in a statement that the sector is booming in its main variables during the first quarter. According to that note, the Internet service registered an increase of 43.16 percent in the period of April, May, June, compared to the same period of 2009.

To date, about 9,700,000 Venezuelans surf the Net via wired or wireless technology, not taking into account access from smart phones.

CONATEL adds that during the last year they have incorporated 367,000 local fixed telephone lines, and there was an increase of 9.9 percent among customers of television by subscription.

All these advances provided the sector 18.35 percent more revenues, accounting for 7,990,000 Bolivars (about $3,073,000).

Source: Telecompaper, Incide Costa Rica.


Portada Staff

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