Vantage Media, a technology-driven vertical performance marketing company, and BrokersWeb, the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service company announced that the companies have completed a merger to create a new online performance marketing company.

The BrokersWeb business will retain the "BrokersWeb" name and all of its management, while gaining additional technical, financial and human resources to grow the business.

The combined entity will focus on delivering new customers, via clicks and leads, to clients in the Education, Insurance and Moving verticals.

“Vantage Media's and BrokersWeb's core competencies are highly complementary and will allow the combined company to further accelerate the vertical expansion and products that each company has developed separately”, said a release from the companies.

"The combined company will deliver unmatched value for clients and media partners," said Patrick Quigley, Vantage Media CEO who will lead the combined company. "The transaction allows both companies to build upon and leverage the strengths of each other”, added.

"We are more confident than ever with the prospects of the BrokersWeb business, and welcome the resources Vantage Media will bring," said Matias de Tezanos, CEO and founder of BrokersWeb, who will continue in that role and lead the combined company's international expansion.


Portada Staff

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