Using print ads…

NBA Latinamerica, in an attempt to increase the popularity of the playoffs in Latin America, is looking for print media platforms in the region. Venezuelan newspapers and Viva Basket magazine in Mexico are high on this marketer's list. VisaSi, a Columbia (South Carolina) based immigration service for Latin American professionals in the U.S., advertises its services in print media properties including Ecuador's El Universal and Colombia's El País.

…to attract Latin American patients.

U.S. healthcare institutions have typically been interested in advertising their services to Latin Americans through print media, particularly magazines with longer shelf lives targeting A and A+ demographics in Latin American countries. U.S. hospitals generally prefer foreign patients (e.g. Latin Americans) because they tend to pay in cash or through international insurance services. In order to get these “high-margin patients” Baptist Health-Miami International Medical Center advertises in Latin American magazines such as Latin Trade and Men's Health en Español. Media buyers recently told Portadatm that a surgical hospital in Texas is looking to target potential patients through print ads in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica.