US Media Consulting Named Exclusive Ad Sales Representative in the US for Televisa TV in Mexico and Rest of Latin America

Mexico-based Televisa TV de Paga (Televisa Pay TV) named Miami-based US Media Consulting as its exclusive ad sales representative in the U.S. market for all of Televisa’s paid  Mexican and pan-Latin-American paid TV products including the following:

Televisa Networks
America Network
Canal de las Estrellas
Cinema Golden Choice
Cinema Golden Choice II
Clasico TV
De Pelicula
De Pelicula Clasico
Ritmoson Latino
TL Novelas

Sky TV
All channels
All packages

All channels
All packages

Cable Advertising is the main media type in the panregional advertising market. Portada estimates that advertising bought out of the U.S. and Europe into Latin American cable TV has a an annual volume of more than $50 million a year. Cable is followed by print and online media.

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