US Media Consulting CEO Bruno Almeida: “The Challenge for Media Companies is to Reinvent Their Products and Be Very Creative”

Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, recently closed an exclusive partnership with US Media Consulting to be the company’s advertising reseller in Latin America. Portada interviewed Bruno Almeida, CEO US Media Consulting.

Portada: How many Shazam  users are there in Latin America?
B.A: “Shazam has almost 13 million monthly active users in Latam. Mexico and Brazil account for more than 3 million MAUs in each market, while Chile, Colombia and Argentina have about 1 million MAUs each. Then there’s Peru and Costa Rica, with almost half million MAUs apiece.”

Portada: What is the current volume of the Latin American in-app advertising market and its growth prospect?
B.A: “According to eMarketer, the total ad spend in Latam will grow by 7.3% in 2017: 38.3% in digital media and 63.3% in mobile marketing. The challenge for media companies is to reinvent their products and be very creative in order to compete for a percentage of the pie that is concentrated mainly on few companies. In that respect, Shazam has developed the technology to engage and interact with users in the digital world through in-app media solutions. On the most innovative side, Shazam’s Connect feature uses its “identification” technology to identify TV commercials, print ads, OOH ads, and more – bringing consumers to their phones to deliver an augmented reality, 360 or interactive experience, such as #thenewshazam. These are really powerful measurement and engagement tools and over 50% of our advertisers are already using them.”

Portada: What ad categories is the Shazam product particularly well suited for?
B.A: “Shazam had over 60 advertisers in Latam during 2016. Most of them are in the CPG, auto and luxury categories. Shazam is an audio and visual recognition app that has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. It helps users to discover music and the most innovative brands experiences. Our main categories are Auto, Travel, Beverages, Health and Beauty.”