Universal Press Syndicate acquires puzzle game rights

Universal Press Syndicate acquired North American, The Caribbean, and Latin American rights to sell Sudoku (also referred to as Sun Doku), a number puzzle game. Universal Press Syndicate (including Atlantic Syndication, its international division) will have the exclusive print and online publishing rights to six different varieties of Sudoku puzzles created and produced by David Bodycombe in the United Kingdom. Universal will begin selling and distributing Sudoku Classic puzzles in color and black and white first. Later a Sudoku for Kids, a Sudoku Mini Puzzle, a Sudoku Monster puzzle for Sunday and a Sudoku Word puzzle will be released.“The puzzle game has been a hit in every newspaper that it's been published in. It first appeared in Asia and has swept over England—first appearing in The Times of London and has now become popular in The New York Post,” says Kerry Slagle, president of UPS's international division, Atlantic Syndication.