Javier Cortezón has been appointed Manager Director of Unión Radio and Javier Viroomal Carreño Digital Director. Unión Radio is leader in Spanish language radio, with presence in 10 countries and more than 26 million daily listeners and 13 million web users. The appointements are part of its strategic development plan, which aims to consolidate growth, to implement a strategy for development and to the adaptation to new technological conditions of the markets. 

Javier Cortezón was until now Associate Director of Union Radio, a position he held since 2006. Cortezón joined Grupo Prisa in 1996 as Financial Controller of the newspaper El País, a position he held until 2000 when he became CFO of GMI. In 2002 he became Managing Director of Media Management Control Spain, and in 2004, Director of International Operations for Prisa.

In addition, Javier Viroomal Carreño has been appointed Digital Director of Unión Radio, a newly created position in response to the ongoing adaptation process of this company to the challenges of the current digital scenario. Javier Viroomal will oversee the digital development of Unión Radio in all of its areas of activity: talk radio and music, live music, music television and brand development, in addition to strengthening existing, web and mobile channels, as well as future ones.

Unión Radio is a Grupo Prisa company, focused on the activities of information, music, entertainment and sports. It has a leading position in Spain and in major Hispanic markets.

Unión Radio is present directly in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, USA, Spain, Mexico and Panama and through franchise brands and content in Ecuador and Guatemala. Unión Radio operates a total of 1,222 stations and has introduced a management model that promotes the development of global brands with a clear commitment to the content.


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