Unilever announced the launch of its global campaign for its ice cream brand Maxus. The digital campaign was created by Lowe Brindfors and its a game called 'Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across the Globe 2'.

The game, which is hosted on a dedicated site has been integrated into Bing maps' Streetview to give it a rich web experience. Players must steer the character around the scenery using their keyboards to collect "cocoa nibs", which are the chunks of cocoa beans found in the Infinity ice-cream. They can play directly against friends, and those who collect the most nibs in the shortest time will win. They can share their score with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Lowe Brindfors sent a photographer around the world to take more than 6,500 pictures that are used in the game to create realistic locations. It also features brands in the scenes, including Quiksilver, Bulgari and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Mick van Ettinger, global senior vice-president at Magnum, said: "Having seen the success of last year's game, which became the most Tweeted web address in the world after just one week of launch, we look forward to witnessing another viral sensation."

Unilever launched the first game in April last year and claims to have attracted seven million players worldwide, who spent an average of five minutes taking part.

Unilever is continuing its push into digital marketing after an increase in spend of 15% in 2011.



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