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Toyota Targets Puerto Rico with Interactive Campaign

Uses Puerto Rican talent and dialect to zero-in on target.


Toyota, which is set to outpace GM in U.S. sales this year, has its sights set on Puerto Rico. The company has partnered with Miami-based Nobox Marketing to launch an interactive online campaign in support of its Tundra model.

The website that Nobox developed is designed to offer visitors comparative data on The Tundra vs. all other trucks on the market. It starts off by asking the user to select the truck that they currently drive. What follows is a video of a Puerto Rican woman taunting that chosen truck in a variety of ways, from derisive songs to outright laughter. President of Nobox Jason Fittipaldi says that the woman’s taunts and mannerisms are meant to connect with the target audience on an emotional level.

What follows is the real substance of the campaign—the section in which users can compare the attributes of the Tundra vs. any other car on the market and download as a PDF. The site can be viewed at

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