According to sources at Tiempos del Mundo, after seven years with separate editions in 15 Latin American countries, as well as Washington DC and Miami, the paper plans to consolidate operations into five Regional Publishing Hubs (Mexico City for all of Mexico; San Jose, Costa Rica for Central America; Bogotá, Colombia for the Andean countries; Santiago, Chile for the Southern Cone; and Miami and Washington DC for the Hispanic U.S.) that will serve as management centers for advertising, circulation, editorial and production of weekly papers. A new advertising rate structure is currently being determined. “By consolidating we will be able to offer international marketers cost-efficient, segmented reach through the combination of regional markets that best suits their needs. I don't think anyone else out there is offering that,” says Charles Buckwalter, general consultant and associate director of sales and marketing at Tiempos.

Tiempos has already hired new people for key management positions, some from within the company and other professional talent that is being brought in, but changes are still underway and not ready for public announcement. The format of the paper is being evaluated, but so far no changes are planned and sources say it is not likely that the paper will become a magazine. Tiempos' editorial content will continue to include both national and hemispheric news coverage and the paper will continue to be distributed throughout 15 capital cities in Latin America, as well as in Miami and Washington DC.

According to Buckwalter, “Distribution will be improved through controlled circulation targeting select readers who are of most interest to major advertisers.” Although new distribution strategies will not emphasize free racks to the general public, some racks might be used in select areas. Tiempos is also developing a new website which will integrate print and online marketing communications capabilities. Regarding new accounts, Buckwalter would not reveal specific names, but said that the banking and real estate ad categories look promising, adding that Tiempos will target “companies heavily marketing in Latin America through print media and in-country companies interested in marketing across borders.” The company has also committed to a BPA audit which has helped to attract several major companies and ad agencies.

Carrie Barnes


Portada Staff

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