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Televisa Publishing Launches ESPN Deportes Caribe

One of several U.S. based publishing ventures getting into the Caribbean market.


Televisa Publishing is going to launch a ESPN Deportes Caribbean edition in August. The edition will have a circulation of 35,000 and target the Puerto Rican and Caribbean audience. In the U.S. Hispanic market, ESPN Deportes La Revista is co-published by Editorial Televisa and Disney's ESPN, and is written in Spanish-language with  a circulation of 50,000. The publication made its debut on newsstands in 2005. Advertisers include BMW, Relojes Elini, Visa, Dodge, Wal-Mart, Dewar’s 12 and Gatorade.

Competitors venture into Latin America as well…

ESPN Deportes La Revista competitor Fox Sports en Español, the 750,000 circ. monthly publication published by New York and Buenos Aires-based Cuatro Media, is also distributed with separate editions in Central and Latin America.

On March 27th, Fox Sports en Espanol launched a Caribbean edition of its magazine in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The magazine currently distributes10,000 issues in Puerto Rico and 5,000 in the Dominican Republic. It targets a male audience, 80% of whom are between 18-55.

In addition, Fox Sports en Español, distributes 250,000 issues in Colombia as an insert in El Espectador; 20,000 copies are inserted in Uruguay's El Pais. In Argentina, Fox Sports en Español distributes 20,000 copies, with 40% paid distribution in kiosks and the remaining 60% in newspapers in the interior of the country outside of Buenos Aires. In Chile 7,000 issues are sold through kiosks and in El Salvador 10,000 are distributed as an insert in Salvadoran newspaper El Grafico.

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