Teen, the monthly magazine published by Miami based Ideas Publishing, owned by Conde Nast, recently increased its Mexican circulation from 50,000 to 100,000 (full page color – 50,000 Mexican pesos or CPM US $50).“Our strategy has been based on our understanding of adolescent readers, as well as on the quality of our content and our magazine's reach in many Spanish speaking countries,” notes Clementina Cummings, general director of Teen in Mexico. Cummings boasts personality tests and concerts organized by Teen, as examples of successful content. Mexican demographics support magazines that cater to young people; 60% of Mexico's population is under 30. Other than Teen, publications like Televisa's Eres (fortnightly circulation 325,000, CPM US $38), Seventeen (licensed from Primedia) and Editorial Notmusa's De Quince a Veinte (monthly circulation 221,000, CPM US $38) compete for the attention of Mexican teenagers.

Teen also has editions for the US Hispanic market (circulation 31,218, CPM US $100), Puerto Rico (25,000, US $80), Venezuela (32,000, US $60), as well as other Latin American countries. Each country has its own editorial team, but, until recently, most of the content was produced in Mexico and then sent to other countries.

With regard to advertising, Cummings says that while some advertisers are only interested in buying space in one Latin American edition, there are also advertisers interested in buying space for the whole region. As examples of the latter, she cites the French cosmetic company L´Oreal and the luxury chain LVMH.


Portada Staff

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