Miami based Conde Nast Americas (CNA), a subsidiary of Conde Nast, knows the difference between marketing magazines for the Latin American market and marketing them for the US Hispanic market: subscription sales efforts. Alberto Muñoz, circulation director at CNA tells Portadatm that “in Latin America, with the exception of Mexico, campaigns to increase subscriptions are very expensive.” Readers in these countries buy magazines and newspapers at newsstands instead of through subscription sales channels. Unreliable postal systems in many Latin American countries compound the problem. Reader's Digest has invested heavily in promoting subscription sales for Selecciones magazines in Latin America, but met with little success. Not all of IPG's Spanish titles are dependent solely on newsstand sales. Glamour en español sells more magazines through subscriptions than at the newsstand. Vogue en español and Architectural Digest en español have a 50-50 subscription/newsstand sales ratio.


Portada Staff

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