StartMeApp Mobile Ad Network Acquires Digital Advertising Trading Desk AdNubo

What? StartMeApp announced its acquisition of digital advertising trading desk startup AdNubo.
Why it matters: With AdNubo, StartMeApp is betting on programmatic buying and desktop RTB trading in mobile advertising.

adnuboAdNubo will function as a branded platform as part of StartMeApp, operating under the direction of StartMeApp Network Manager Tomas Mur, who was previously the Platform Team Leader and a Senior Media Buyer with Buenos Aires-based global performance advertising platform Adnetwork. Mur’s team incorporates additional StartMeApp assets and media buying staff based in Manila.

AdNubo is an independent trading desk startup launched earlier this year. The company spelices in RTB platforms, media buying optimization and campaign deployment in line with advertiser-specified CPM, CPC, CPA or additional branded metrics. AdNubo already delivers nearly 25 billion monthly impressions in the Latin America and U.S. markets.

“Analysts and market experts increasingly identify programmatic RTB as the future driver of mobile advertising and StartMeApp’s addition of AdNubo enables us to bring the best practices in RTB desktop trading”, Alejandro Campos Carles, Co-Managing Director and Founder, StartMeApp. “Programmatic RTB trading has steadily increased its share of online advertising to about 10% today, providing increased efficiency for publishers and transparency for advertisers in the desktop environment,” added StartMeApp Co-Managing Director and Founder Gaston Fonzo.

Also, StartMeApp today announced that impressions on its network worldwide increased 50% during October, hitting StartMeApp’s projected year-end target of 30 billion monthly impressions two months earlier than expected. “StartMeApp’s global growth strategy of maintaining our lead as Latin America’s largest mobile ad network, while aggressively expanding into APAC, the U.S. and European markets,” said Gaston Fonzo,