StartMeApp, a Latin American mobile advertising agency, has launched “Boost App,” a program enabling mobile applications owners worldwide to distribute their apps across StartMeApp’s broad portfolio of associated publishers, ad networks and exchanges in the rapidly growing Latin American and US Hispanics mobile apps market.

StartMeApp’s “Boost App” program is an end-to-end app distribution solution that centralizes administrative, monitoring, reporting and billing tasks, enabling mobile application owners to introduce efficiencies into the marketing, distribution and monetization of their mobile applications inventory.

StartMeApp also announced today that to mark the launch of the “Boost App” program, the company is offering zero-cost billing for the first 100 downloads of the first 50 mobile applications signed by app owners.

StartMeApp owns and operates its own ad-serving platform. In its first six months of operation, StartMeApp served mobile ads in 40 countries across four continents and delivered nearly 1 billion ad impressions and thousands of effective brand campaigns for clients.


Portada Staff

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