According to Eduardo Medinaveitia, director of Strategic Resources at Zenith Media in Madrid, the magazine advertising market is holding on better than the overall advertising market. However, Medinaveitia expects sales in magazine advertising to fall by 2% in 2002. Advertising sales in the Spanish magazine sector decreased by 0.2% to 620 million euros between 2000 and 2001.

The Spanish magazine market is becoming increasingly fragmented. This has had a negative impact on the circulation of individual titles. According to Luis Chavés, general director of Carat Expert in Madrid, weekly magazines are loosing readers while monthlies gain. Chavez says magazines on beauty, fashion and lifestyle are gaining popularity among advertisers. “These topics are usually covered in monthly publications and in brand extensions.” Regarding the latter, he cites special supplements about cooking, decoration and beauty. Magazines covering travel and leisure are also on advertisers wish lists. Medinaveitia cites fashion, leisure, health and women as the most popular magazine categories among advertisers.


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