Engel Fonseca: Latin-American Needs Digital “Glocal” Knowledge

Since many of us refer to Latin-American as one same region, it is easy to under estimate the great cultural differences that each country has even being one beside another.

The region does have general trends to consider but within the digital revolution particularities are a tribute.  The World cup is a great example of this, we see that not every team plays the same even we´re in the same region, but besides de World Cup people are more identified with being "citizens of the world".

We speaking about more than 568 million people who expect to be approached as individuals and this is where Digital Media kicks in and provides us great potential  not impact a " mass " but instead persons wanting to have individual experiences with media platforms and brands as well.

Just having global knowledge and global experience can makes loose many opportunities to embrace the region for a better media planning strategy.

This is why I personally believe so much in the "Glocal" concept since it avoids us just  being experts in the general trends and pushes us to believe and apply the importance of local networking. This confirms the idea that the most important asset for our industry are not the technology platforms just alone but instead the great mixture of human factor along technology,
and ego just like within any other industry makes us blind.

Let´s embrace the region, let´s study the particularities of each country, I´m sure we´ll understand quite better the real differences we have and just maybe what paradigms we need to destroy to generate more value in the region along the region.

Engel Fonseca believes that human potential through technology has a great potential. Developed the digital industry within Latam since 1990 and positioned Digital Marketing companies as leaders of vertical markets. Has created digital value platforms considering Social Media, Search, Behavioral and has developed the "management 2.0" concept. Founder of Neuronadigital and considers himself as a Jedi at Harrenmedia where he´s commercial VP for the north cone.