Sounding Off – Kim Xrossing – “Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain”

KimXrossingKim Xrossing, a Marketing Executive currently working on enterprise projects at Terrapinn, Inc. in New York City suggests that as Millennials have the consumer culture engraved in their brain, they always want the next best thing and the, so to say, “coolest” trend out there. They do the most talking and spread the most buzz around town. That’s why it’s a pretty big deal to lure in Millennials for your brand especially when they are the largest age group in Latin America, according to a report from Tendencias Digitales released in March 2014.

To start off, TV is not what it used to be, especially with all these different ways of streaming online and services that bring you what you want, when you want it. About 68% of Latin American Millennials say they watch TV while also spending an average of 7 hours a day online. When asked which form of medium they choose for their favorite entertainment, 69% of them chose the Internet while 28% chose TV. That puts into perspective how little they choose to give their attention to television even though 53% of ad spends in Mexico are in free TV. To be honest, it’s pretty clear which seems to be a better pick; to wait for a specific time of day for a television show and given whatever episode they choose to air, or the ability to choose any episode at any time of day. Same goes for news; why wait for a specific time to deliver top new stories when you can simply plug in a website that feeds you constant information including articles and videos.

Along with intensive online use, comes social media use. Surely enough, Millennials have taken full advantage of social media outlets since it happens to be the #1 activity among Latin American Internet users. According to “Tendencias Digitales,” when it comes to purchase decisions, Latin American Millennials are looking for benefits from ads left and right. 69% want promotions and 45% want activities. This is something to keep in mind for that attention grabbing detail.

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way people live all over the world. To tie the online and social media use together, a huge strategy to recognize is the frequent use of mobile phones. 80% of Latin American Millennials connect to social networks with their phones. There’s about 68% who own smartphones meaning they probably have apps to grant them quick access to just about anything they need. Compulsive phone checking happens to be an effect of the addiction to social media, texting, and emailing. Luckily, for marketers, it’s lovely to use that addiction to their advantage. 90% of Latin American Millennials say that they check their smartphones in the morning routinely.

Millennials are becoming more proactive and want what they want when they want it. It’s a fast paced growing trend, and in competitive way, they want to be the head of the pack to hold a higher social status.

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