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Sounding Off -Damián Molina – Native Advertising in Latin America

Damián Molina is Chief Revenue officer and Marketing Manager at Taringa!


Damián-Molina-338x450Damián Molina is Chief Revenue officer and Marketing Manager at Taringa!

Netflix uses for dissemination of the launch of “The Orange is the New Black” new season, a newspaper report in NYT on female prison population in the United States. Something that it could have achieved with a PR management, but which it conducted with a Native Advertising format, a Netflix-sponsored note giving it more control over content, but which far from offering a promotion of the series premiere, makes the approach to potential audience by placing on the agenda a topic of interest, relevant and valuable, linked to the series theme.

Integration of advertising and editorial content is as old as the existence of journalism itself. “Publinotas” or “advertorials”, those advertising in news media that mimic the format of a news have been available in the press for hundreds of years. It is proven that any information that comes in the form of news about a company has more credibility than an advertising spot, and certainly practices such as Publicity and Public Relation have been also proving it for hundreds of years.

What is known today as “Native Advertising” or “Content Marketing” is not something entirely new for these old practices, but they certainly take on a new form with the advent of Internet and the boom of digital platforms. This is a new methodology where brands create content in the native format of each site, which may be a post, a news, an infographics or a report, to tell a story to the audience that is not limited to a direct sale of a product or service but to provide content having some kind of value or interest for those readers. No doubt,  content marketing will become a monetization strategic practice for all digital media in a few years and a privileged way whereby brands will aim at a closer approach to their audience.

Furthermore, in our digital conception, Content marketing or native advertising involves growing content across different digital platforms to reach the whole web, through search engines and social networks viral marketing. The better SEO said digital platform has, the broader scope said content growing will have on the web.

Content marketing is under early development stages in Latin America. This is true to such an extent that, even the main chambers which bring industry together do not count yet on local statistics on the development stage achieved in the region. At the global level, companies such as Buzzfeed and New York Times take the lead and there are already specialized content marketing aggregators such as Outbrain and Taboola. In Latin America, Taringa! is positioned as one of the pioneers. Today, brands such as Intel, Quilmes, Knor and others created official profiles on the platform, hiring newspaper editors and sharing quality content, such as a tutorial Did you know you can create an intelligent drone with your Android? addressed to a community of web developers to evangelize on certain software or sow recipes containing special branded-broths.

For SEO, branding or performance, today CONTENT emerges as a key factor.

Damian Molina is a professional with over 10 years of experience in the online advertising market in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. He currently serves as CRO and Marketing Manager of Social Platform Taringa!, one of the largest websites in Latin America, with over 75 million unique users in the region. He joined the company in July 2013 and since then, he has been in charge of leading the platform commercial global strategy. Prior to Taringa! he served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at FNBOX group, where he was responsible for all of the holdings brands’ business development:, Cupó,, and for Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the US Hispanic market. He was part of the FNBOX holding for more than eight years.


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