What:Sizmek has launched a self-serve toolset for building and distributing rich media ads across major social properties.
Why it matters: In Latin America publishers, advertisers, and agencies can now build cross-platform and cross-device ads for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Ssizmek-izmek, an open ad management company for advertisers, agencies and publishers worldwide, has launched a self-serve toolset for building and distributing rich media ads across major social properties on any device.

The latest complement to Sizmek’s expanding toolset for ad authoring, the new Sizmek Social toolset gives publishers, advertisers, and agencies an easy way to build ads that drive better results and disseminate them across the newsfeeds of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Designers and marketers alike can enhance social ads with video, photos, live-stream content and more—e.g.: commerce features such as a store locator—on their own schedule and with complete creative control.

As the significant majority of social campaigns run on mobile, these HTML5 units can be easily converted to IAB mobile “Rising Stars,” ad units defined by the IAB as cutting-edge ad formats.

“Mobile is an essential medium for Latin America, and social has fueled the digital adoption. Our full service creative teams and self-service social tools make creating mobile and social experiences even more impactful,” said Mike Caprio, VP of Sizmek Latin America.

“We are committed to giving brands the ability to put messages out to market quickly across all key social and mobile channels.  The new toolset puts the power in the hands of our clients, cutting down the cost and time it takes to get an ad live,” said A. J. Vernet, Global VP of Social at Sizmek.

Sizmek_1-Both managed and self-serve options of the new toolset enable clients to build out one ad unit with different calls-to-action and thumbnails tailored for Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Users can share experiences from sites within their social newsfeeds, increasing the reach of brands through earned media.  Sizmek Social (formerly Republic Project) already provides  .CPG, entertainment and tourism advertisers with the ability to build rich media units that can be embedded directly into social networks’ newsfeeds, and analyze results through the Sizmek MDX platform.


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