Shopping Cooking: Embracing digital technologies – Allrecipes survey

Food-AllrecipeDigital food brand Allrecipes, surveyed home cooks in the 13 largest of its 18 communities worldwide, and confirmed that cooks everywhere are embracing digital technologies at record rates for meal planning and cooking inspiration.

The survey was conducted in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Quebec, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Allrecipes’ online survey of 7,463 global participants fielded on Allrecipes sites in September 2012.

Allrecipes receives more than 1 billion annual visits from family- focused women who connect and inspire one another through photos, reviews, videos and blog posts. It was launch in 1997, and features trusted recipes, entertaining ideas, everyday and holiday meal solutions and practical cooking tips. Allrecipes is part of Meredith Corporation and has 18 websites, 18 mobile sites, 11 mobile apps, and 14 eBooks serving 23 countries in 12 languages.

The 2013 Global Food Trends Measuring Cup Report revealed insights on the shopping, cooking, and eating behaviors of family-focused women.


While U.S. home cooks continue to lead global smartphone adoption for seeking meal solutions–with more than one- third of online cooks using their smartphones to find recipes (source: Allrecipes Then and Now Survey 2012), home cooks in other communities around the world are quickly catching up. The UK and Argentina lead with 27 percent and 25 percent, respectively, for cooks using mobile phones to access recipes in-store and on the go.

27% of Argentinean Allrecipes readers use their mobile phone to access recipes


Online video
The use of online food videos for meal planning and preparation is also a global trend. In communities around the world, the percentage of home cooks visiting video websites for meal planning doubled in 2012 from nine percent to 18 percent. Top global markets for online food video consumption are Poland(30 percent), Brazil (29 percent), and Argentina (28 percent).

“We are thrilled to see Allrecipes’ global web and mobile sites grow by 113 percent last year”, said Patricia Lee Smith, vice president, International, Allrecipes.

Online recipes
The importance of online recipes with ratings and reviews surged 126 percent globally last year, rising to 61 percent compared with 27 percent the year before.

Health and nutrition are global considerations as 56 percent of cooks around the world cite “healthy and nutritious” as criteria for their everyday meals. While prepared ingredients show growth in popularity, you will still find fresh produce in 86% of global grocery carts every week.


Download the full report including charts and graphs here.

Methodology: Data provided is from * The 13 communities surveyed include.