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Latin American print and digital media properties are increasingly opening ad sales offices in Miami to sell to sell Latin America media to U.S. based advertisers.  Read who is doing what…


Latin America based print and digital media properties who get a sizable amount of their advertising dollars from U.S. based advertisers are using Miami to set up an office in the U.S.

Time Inc’s Grupo Editorial Expansion  (GEE) opened a Miami office in 2005, to be a source for American and international companies to reach the affluent consumer base in Mexico’s. GEE publishes business titles Expansion, Audi, Obras, Manufactura and Ambientes as well as women’s magazines Quién, Elle, Balance and InStyle, Masculine publications Life & Style and Yachts as well as Entertainment Magazines Quo and Chilango. The Mexico City based publisher also publishes In-flight/Travel Magazines Vuelo, Loop and Vacaciones and Vacaciones Sin Limite.

Also this year Chasqui International, a provider of complete solutions for Latin American media (TV, Cable, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Internet) expanded its Miami office by hiring several Advertising Executives.

Harvard Business Review Latin America (HBRAL), the Latin American edition of Harvard Business Review published by Chile’s Impact Media, opened up an office with one sales person in Miami. “We want to increase the size of our panregional media sales,” HBRAL publisher Ricardo Zisis tells Portada. HBRAL publishes three Latin American Spanish-language editions where three different sets of advertisers are published: Mexico, Argentina-Chile-Uruguay and Central America. HBRAL wants to tap into integrated marketing budgets (conferences, events, print and Intenet), Zisis notes.

Harvard Business Review also employs Publicitas Latin America & Charney Palacios & Co, as its U.S. based ad sales representation firm.

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