Go to the website of Spain’s newspaper El Pais website (elpais.com) and you will find advertising from Metro PC cell phone plans, go to sports newspaper As (as.com) website and you will see another online banner written in Spanish, this time for T-Mobile’s sidekick products. You will see these ads and others geared to a U.S. Hispanic audience if you are accessing these websites from a U.S. IP address. If you are in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico you will see ads targeting IP’s in those countries.

EzTarget Media , Terra’s online ad network which was launched last November (see audience table below), recently signed an exclusive online advertising sales representation deal for IP’s based in the U.S. and Latin America with Spain’s Grupo Prisa to represent all of Grupo Prisa websites including Elpais.com, As.com, Cincodias.com. cadenaser.com, Plus.es, cuatro.com, los40.com and Calipedia.com.

The agreement with Grupo Prisa also allows Terra, EzTarget and social cause advertisers to place their own ads on Grupo Prisa websites (targeted towards IPs in the Americas) to make consumers more aware of Terra. “This mostly happens for ad spaces that have non standard IAB dimensions and with some remnant space”, Jorge Mercado Marketing Director of Terra Networks tells Portada.

Other premium websites EzTarget represents in the Americas include GolTV.com

Quincegirl.com and RollingStones.com. EzTarget considers itself a premium online ad network. A premium ad network as opposed to a regular ad network, tells its advertisers where it is placing the ads therefore assuring its advertisers of the quality of its audience and for much higher transparency than regular ad networks. Another distinction is that advertisers main objective, although not the exclusive, is branding vs. “regular” online ad networks which are mostly performance (direct response) oriented (.e.g. Click per Action, Click per lead).

(By Country)


Unique Visitors (x 1000)













Puerto Rico


Source: comScore – Ad Network Category March/2009

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