Go to the website of Spanish newspaper El Pais (www.elpais.com) from a Canadian IP address and you will see Air France advertising its Toronto-Paris-Madrid flight to Canadian residents, most of them Spanish visiting their home country newspapers.

Americatel is currently using four different online venues to reach U.S. Spaniards: the aforementioned newspaper website www.elpais.com; a sports newspaper, www.as.com; a financial newspaper, www.cincodias.com, and www.los40.com, a music channel.

….print media component

In print, Americatel will be utilizing publications specifically distributed within Spanish organizations that are based here in the United States, such as local Chambers of Commerce and financial newspapers. “Our intent is to have a reach for Americatel that is direct and simple for areas of interest that encompass consumer business and consumer online targets,” David Hoover, ad-sales manager of Miami-based US Media Consulting Group, tells Portada.


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