What: Social media engagement in Latin America in 2014 showed 127 %  year over year increase in engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with 455.3 million total actions.
Why it matters: With 87,620 total actions, Mexico ranks as the second most social media engaged country in the region, after Brazil.Facebook accounted for 94.6 % of total actions.

redes.sociales-285x200Social media engagement in Latin America for the month of July 2014 showed 127 percent year over year increase in engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with 455.3 million total actions, according to a Shareablee’s analysis.


Engagement per country

Mexico ranked #2 by total actions (87,620) while ranking fourth overall based on audience size, indicating a highly engaged audience. For the number of average unique people engaged by each brand, Brasil led with 218,000, followed by Argentina with 89,000, Colombia with 62,000 and Mexico with 60,000. Twitter had the highest penetration in Argentina and Chile, while Instagram was strongest in Brasil and Colombia.


PublisherTotal Actions
UniqueEngaged Audience(000)%Actions
Latin America455, 30448294.58%2.31%3.11%
Brazil192, 74321893.07%0.99%5.95%
The total actions metric includes post-level likes, shares, favorites, retweets and comments.Unique engaged audience is the number of people who took an action with a page’s content on Facebook.The % actions metric notes the portion of actions (likes, shares, favorites, retweets and comments) attributable to the specified social media platform.

Engagement across platforms

455.3 million was the number of  total actions in the region regarding social media.

  • Facebook accounted for 94.6 % of those actions
  • Instagram followed with 3.1 %
  • Twitter ranked third with 2.3 %

“Consumers in Latin America are highly engaged social media users, providing a unique opportunity to marketers in this region to connect with consumers in a personal yet scalable manner,” said Alejandro Fosk, SVP Latin America at comScore.




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