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Research: Mexico: Televisa Audience share reachs 43.4%, Pay TV 27.4%


In terms of Mexico´s audience share, Televisa ranked first having a share of 43.4%, Pay TV placed second with a share of audience of 27.4% and TV Azteca, came in third with 19.5% of the share, according to Nielsen-IBOPE.

This data derive from the annual Establishment Survey study (E.S.) the company conducts. In Mexico this study is based on 23,040 household surveys conducted in 28 cities, to evaluate key market trends.

The study also finds that during the past three years Pay TV’s audience share grew 53%. Pay TV Audience Share Reachs 27.4% in 2013.


Viewed from another perspective, in Mexico for every 100 people with a TV on en the 28 cities measured by Nielsen-IBOPE, 43 people are watching a free TV Televisa channel (2, 5, 9), 27 are watching a Pay TV channel, 19 are watching a TV Azteca channel (7 y 13) and 9 are tuned-in to a local channel.

The new data also revealed that Pay TV leads among a few targets:

  • People 18-49 ABC+C with 43.7% audience share.
  • Children 4-12 ABC+C with 49.9% audience share.
  • Teens 13-18 ABC+C with 40.2% audience share.
  • Men 19-44 ABC+C with 49.2% audience share.

And among others it places second, for instance: People 19+ without DE with 32.2% audience share, Homemakers 25-55 without DE 31.6% audience share, Women 18-45 without DE 30.9% audience share, Homemakers 19-45 CD+ 25.9% audience share.

Federico Baumgartner, Country Manager, LAMAC México says: “we’re very pleased wth the release of the 2013 Nielsen- IBOPE universes, as the TV advertising industry in Mexico (approximately valued at US$3,000 million) had been working for the past 6 months with data that was totally outdated, however as of June 20th the audience data is current. This will make a difference when planning media in our country”.

Source: LAMAC – IBOPE Media, data Mexico. Average share by target jan-may 2013. Total day, Monday-sunday. Share calculated manually based on rating, excluding Videogames, VHS y others. Targets include Guest Viewers except the Homemakers.


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