Research: Mexico – One out of every two online display ad impressions are captured through Facebook

In Mexico, one out of every two online display ad impressions in March were captured through Facebook, which has become a main medium for country advertisers and now accounts for 81% of their total ad spending investment.

Top advertisers in Mexico

Display Impressions (000)                              Estimated spending (MX$) (000)

According to the results of a comScore study entitled The State of Online Advertising in Mexico, conducted in March, Internet users in Mexico were exposed to 21.2 billion display ads or an average of 25 ads per user each day.

Although the figure is a positive one, it is still far from the world average and that of other countries, said Iván Marchant, Mexico country manager for comScore, during a webinar offered on the subject.

Daily average frequency of impressions

Source: comScore AdMetrix, Mexico, ages 6 +, home and work, March 2013

For the study, comScore tallied the metrics of 2,743 advertiser groups and 1,115 media groups, drawing the result of 21.2 billion display ads delivered during March. The main online advertisers  in Mexico during this period were Netflix, Best Day Travel and Microsoft.

To obtain more accurate results, comScore sifted through more than 17 million images to do its monthly tracking of ads as part of the study. These also included ads on private sites that require a log in. The tracking was achieved with the participation of 50,000 people that make up the Mexico panel, which allowed comScore to conduct a detailed census of each one, explained Marchant.

“You can track the public sites, but the challenge is to track those sites that require a log in, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, and so on. The secret lies in the comScore panel,” he said.

Ad Metrix Methodology: Display Advertising Intelligence

Media:  Ad tracking: Media tracking of ads – Ads counted as displayed to Internet users – 17 million images per month – Includes sites requiring a log-in

Advertisers: Ad classification : Clear listing of advertisers – Granulated products hierarchy – Representing advertisers in more than 300 industries – 24 months of historical data

Insights: Projection: Unified Digital Metrics – Panel + Media data census – Spending by advertiser/media – Individual periods and trends

Source: comScore

Marchant also noted that 80% of all ad impressions were achieved by Mexico’s top 60 advertisers, who fall into three major categories: retail, travel, and consumer goods.

Total spending % by the Top 3 industries in March 2013


Translated by Candice Carmel