Social Networks are really popular among Latin Americans.  According to Synthesio, 82% of web users in Latin America use social networks. Brazil takes almost 40% of the web users in Latin America, follow by Mexico and Argentina with 15% and 13% respectively.

By percentage of web users, Facebook reaches a penetration of 49%, in second place Windows Live Profile reaches 37% and Orkut (mainly in Brazil) is third with 25%. Hi 5, with presence also in the US Hispanic market is fourth at the ranking (13%) and Twitter is the fifth social network with 11% of penetration in the web population in Latin America.

Almost 14% of Facebook members are Latin Americans. The leading country in Facebook is Mexico with near 18 million and a half members. Argentina has a little more than 12 million members and Brazil near 9 million. Orkut is the leading social network in Brazil where 8 of 10 Brazilian web users have an Orkut account. With nearly 60% of web users in the social networks, Brazil surpasses US and UK in terms of sheer volume.

Also, 16.1% of Twitter users are Latin Americans. According to the report, Twitter is used by younger generations of Latin Americans compared to the US and UK, where it is used by professional porpoises mainly.


Portada Staff

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