During MediaMind’s presentation at the Portada Latam Summit 2011, Lazaro Stern, Director of LatAm markets, gave a lecture on new digital media and their relationship with advertising.

The media world has become more complex over time, and so has the advertising that runs on them.  Sixty years ago, we had only print media — television and radio. Today there are a huge range of options for placing advertising.  Traditional media was joined by the digital world, which not only meant the Internet but also mobile phones, online video, street advertising, digital street advertising, movies, online magazines, search engine advertising, etc. This is why advertising cannot be thought of in traditional terms, but rather requires a dynamic that is in tune with the technological development of the media world.

Cell phones have taken on great importance when it comes to technological innovation and advertising placement.  With their Internet access, smartphones have become the perfect tool for placing advertising in people’s daily lives.  Smartphone sales are expected to reach 500 million units annually.

Lazaro Stern says the key point is the integration of digital channels — such as search engines, affiliation advertising, social networks and websites — with direct response marketing and branding.  For Stern, the correct use of digital media and innovation is the key to success. While a standard banner has an average CTR of 0.1%, advertising on search engines, interactive games or online videos can reach CTRs of 0.3%.

Finally, Stern says that Internet users in Latin America display higher rates of interaction, as well as a higher rate of time on the web. The interaction rate in Latin America exceeds 20%, while in Europe, for example, the figure tops out at 10%. These figures confirm the potential and current growth in the region, and not only in the digital world.


Portada Staff

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